7 Day Aroma Healing Course

Aroma therapy is a dive into essential oils. It’s a healing, light, calming massage using a blend of aroma oils, which works the whole body. Using blended aromatherapy oils, this massage is personally tailored to the individual's needs. In 7 days you will get the complete knowledge about Aroma Healing Therapy.

Course Highlights

  • How to clean Aura
  • How to give healing
  • Full body massage
  • Head massage
  • Face massage
  • Finishing talk line with guest
  • Introduction about Aroma oil
  • Benefits of Aroma Oil

Theortical Sessions

  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Benefits of each Therapy
  • Introduction about essential Oils
  • Talk lines with the Guest
  • Reception handling

Essential Info

  • Duration - 7 Days
  • Course Fee -250 USD
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