Elakhizi (Patra pinda swedna) patra means leaves, pinda means bolus and swedna means massage. Herbal bundles are prepared with various medicinal leaves and medicated powders. These bundles are warmed in medicated oils and used to massage the entire body, neck, shoulders, hands and back, shifting the client from side to side.

Benefits Of Elakhizi

  • Reduces muscular pain.
  • Help in joint stiffness.
  • It help in sprain and cramps.
  • Reduces spondylitis, sciatica and chronic back pain.
  • Anti agening effects on skin.
  • Rejunvating Treatment.


Elakizhi or kizhi massage in Ayurveda is said to be highly rejuvenating. The doctor performing the massage uses leaves fried in herbal oils. These leaves are then tied to a linen cloth forming a pouch. The massage process is carried out with these pouches.

  • Eranda (Ricinus communis).
  • Arka (calotropis procera).
  • Nirgundi (vitex negundo).
  • Rasna (pluchea lanceolata).
  • Coconut scrapings.
  • Lemon
  • Curcumin

Apart from these ingredients, the process may also involve medicated oils such as Murivenna oil, karpooradi oil, sahacharadi oil, or dhanwantharam thailam. The choice of oil may be subject to the particular health concerns that a person is dealing with.

Essential Info

  • Duration - 60 minutes
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