Padahbhangya (Foot massage)

Padabhyanga is Ayurvedic foot massage (Pada=foot and Abhyanga=massage) which is soothing , revitalizing, calming and balancing various disturbances of the autonomic nervous system.

Benefits of Padabhyanga

  • Padabhyanga relieves stiffness, dryness, and numbness of the leg and foot.
  • Offers sturdiness and stability to the foot and limbs.
  • Promotes healthy eyesight and hearing senses.
  • Prevents/cures sciatica through enhanced blood circulation and improved peripheral circulation.
  • Prevents foot ailments and relieves contraction of muscles, ligaments, and vessels of the feet.
  • Prevents cracks in the foot and leaves the feel looking healthier and attractive.
  • Padabhyanga reduces stress, calm the mind, and allows a rejuvenated mind and body.
    • Relaxes and revitalizes the central nervous system.
    • Removes fatigue from the lower limbs and improves quality of sleep.
    • Activates metabolism, cures headaches, and prevents onset of degeneration.
    • Helps to calm and maintain the “Vata Dosha” which in excess is considered the main cause of major illnesses.
    • Provides overall immunity to the body.

    Essential Info

    • Duration - 45 Min
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    Conditions that are holistically treated in Padabhyanga include: Hypertension, Hemiplegia and paraplegia , Insomnia, Depression, Epilepsy, Diabetic neuropathy, Anxiety Sprains, cramps, and numbness of the feet and legs