Shirodhara comes from the two Sanskrit words “shiro” (head) and “dhara” (flow). It’s an Ayurvedic healing technique that involves pouring medicated warm oil, milk, buttermilk onto your forehead. It’s often combined with a scalp, or head massage.

Benefits Of Shirodhara

  • Eliminate body impurities.
  • Help in reducing weight.
  • Calm nerves.
  • Promote deeper and better sleep.
  • Soften and smoothen skin.
  • Reduces effect of ageing.
  • Relaxing, clamining , Soothing effect on mind and body
  • It relax brain cells.
  • Improves sleep.
  • Manage insomnia when combined with yoga.
  • Helpful in migraine , stress, tension.

Essential Info

  • Duration - 40 min
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