7 Day Thai Massage Course

Thai massage is a traditional system of massage and assisted stretching developed in Thailand, and influenced by the traditional medical systems of India, China, and South-East Asia


  • Lubrictae knee joints.
  • Improves oxygen and blood circulation.
  • Prevents degenerative diseases.
  • Relieves pain, sprains, liagment tear, inflammation.
  • Relaxes and nourishes bones, muscles, ligaments and nerves.
  • Protect the cartilage of knee.

Therotical Session

  • Osteoporosis of knee joint.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis of knee joint.
  • Post trauma of knee joint.
  • Osteopenia.
  • Post fracture knee joint.
  • Ligament tear.
  • Meniscus tear.
  • Janu soola.
  • Janusandhi vata.

Essential Info

  • Duration - 7 Day
  • Fee - 310 USD
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