Ayurveda Weight Loss Package

Obesity has emerged as a major health issue in the world. Thousands of people lose their lives because of all the health issues that obesity brings to them and if you are also affected by obesity, and want Ayurveda Weight Loss Treatment then it is high time to get yourself registered in one of the most effective obesity treatment packages in India by us. You can know more about Ayurveda weight loss package by reading the following information. for weight loss includes the following features and therapies which will help you get to the fittest version of yourself as soon as possible.


The first step towards a healthy body is to modify the way it works by making it participate in healthy exercises which Yoga has in abundance.

Mediation is the key to get relieved from all types of stress as it not only relaxes your minds, but also your bodies.

Ayurvedic Medicines
Our knowledge about Ayurveda and Ayurvedic herbs enables us to provide you with some of the best medicines which are highly effective against excessive body fat.

Improvement of Digestive System
Ayurveda has solutions to all the physical ailments and improving your digestive system is one of those extremely efficient solutions.

Detoxification of your body is done by using different types of Ayurvedic therapies such as Virechana in order to get rid of all the harmful toxic elements.

Ayurvedic Massage
A variety of Ayurvedic massages are provided to our clients in order to repair their physical health.

Cultivation of Healthy Eating Habits
Cultivation of healthy eating habits is one of the most effective ways to deal with obesity and make sure that it never comes your way again.

A balanced diet which is free of any type of contributory nutrients to your obesity is provided in this package and you can follow the diet even after leaving our facility once the package period gets over.

A number of exercises are introduced to you which are helpful in reducing weight. Our Weight loss package will help you get rid of a major health issue which is the root cause of many other health issues such as high blood pressure, diabetes, breathlessness and many more. When you will undergo the therapies included in this package, you will observe noticeable difference in the way you live

Package cost for 7 days:- 17000 INR 14 days 32000 INR

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